Anatomy of a Site Refresh II – the “1000 foot view”

28 08 2007

Series History:
For initial background, see the Intro post.
See part one where the target audiences are identified and needs listed.

Now that the target audiences have been identified, let’s break down what is needed for the web site at a “1000 foot” view. This list is by no means complete, and will probably get updated from time to time:

  1. a calendar of events. Events need to be private and public, and mappable directions accessible where appropriate.
  2. rudimentary CONTENT management system. This needs to be able to create files on the fly, and files needs to be able to be uploaded, and accessed over a number of pages.
  3. CONTACT management – need to be able to add/edit/delete member information from a csv file
  4. a forum or some other sort of interactive application which will allow members to interact with each other, as well as interacting with members of the public.
  5. Group Management – to add/edit/delete quartets and their members.
  6. photo gallery
  7. mailing List management

Now, of course being the anal retentive I am, I will probably write most of this functionality by hand. Things like the forums I will use a pre-built (Snitz most likely), but other than that I will probably build it on the fly to ensure all the pieces work together as they need to effectively. More time consuming that way, but the only way to ensure that everything meshes together properly.




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