Anatomy of a Site Refresh Part I – Target Audience Identification

23 08 2007

Background – see the Intro post for the background behind this post and all within this theme.

The intro for this process was definitely long, so I’m going to try and break down the processes a little father to get these into reasonable length posts.

First step is to identify who fits into the target audience.  While the ideal is to identify one “niche” to target most of the efforts to, in the case of this site, there are actually five target audiences:

  1. Current Members
  2. Potential Members
  3. Potential Clients (Show Audiences/Booking Clients)
  4. Fans, Friends and Families
  5. Other Barbershoppers

Current Members

Description of audience – This is the largest audience of the site.  The age of the audience members ranges from 20-80, with technical ability ranging from experienced to sheer novice.

Audience needs – The site is the fount of information for the organization.  While our organization used to be phone-chain and physical media based, as more of our group joins the modern age, more and more of our communication methods and media has been shifting towards email and the website.  This usage will only increase as the organization increases in size – it must or we’ll not be able to keep up at the pace we move.

Being that most are not completely techno-savy, the members area needs to be simple to use, and not provide them with a lot of choices in terms of customization – the KISS method will work better in the members area.  For this audience, the following needs to be provided:

  • a calendar of events with the ability to get driving directions when appropriate
  • audio and video files (as appropriate) of coaching sessions, choreo plans, learning files
  • newsletters/announcements/rss feeds of all important information.
  • supporting documents that members may need (member manuals, board hierarchy structure, etc)
  • contact information for other members
  • support mechanism for asking questions of the leadership of the chapter.
  • a mechanism to get with other chorus members who would be interested in quartetting.

Potential Members

Description of audience – This audience is for those men who may be interested in joining our organization.

Audience needs – this audience needs to provide a prospective member with all the information he would need to consider whether he would be able to/would be interested in joining the organization.  It needs to be engaging and thorough, and be kept up to date as requirements change (costs for joining, etc).  There needs to be information which provides meeting information, as well as the capacity to get driving directions.

Potential Clients

Description of audience – This audience is for those people or organization who would be interested in hiring the chorus, an ensemble, or a quartet to perform for them for a specific event.

Audience needs – This audience needs to be able to:

  • See/Hear the chorus perform
  • Find out what the costs for a performance would be
  • Find out what dates the chorus, ensemble or quartets would be available to perform
  • Have a contact mechanism which would allow the client to contact the chorus manager to arrange a booking, get more information, etc.

Fans, Friends and Families

Description of audience – This audience is for those people who love the members of the organization and support us by coming to our public performances, our shows, dinner theaters, etc.

Audience needs – This audience wants to see their friends and family in person, but also be able to see those memories from those events. So this audience would needs to be able to:

  • have a calendar of events which would allow them to know when and where to find the chorus perform.
  • see audio and video of the chorus from recent performances
  • see photos captured at the events, and be able to provide them to the chapter via the website to be added to the gallery
  • provide feedback to the chapter through a forum, or guestbook or some other sort of mechanism.
  • sign up for newsletters, announcements from the chapter.

Other Barbershoppers

Description of audience– this audience is for those barbershoppers (both male and female) who would be interested in visiting the chapter and perhaps ringing a chord or two.  They may also want to be able to follow along with the chapter, finding out the latest news.

Audience needs – the needs of the audience meet almost identically to the needs of the friends and family PLUS have the ability to find out when and where the chapter meets, and get directions as appropriate.

 Now that the core audience has been identified, the next step is to parse through all of this and determine what is needed.




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