‘Bout time I joined the bandwagon

8 08 2007

Ever have something you’ve really wanted to do, but were afraid to do so because you’d get obsessed with it?  That’d be me in terms of wanting to blog.  I love to write, and I love the interaction which can come into play between the bloggers and their audience.  I’m just worried that it’s going to become a drug I get addicted to and will need my daily fix.  We’ll see what happens.

What will I write about?  I have no idea.  Could be technology, could be family, could be society in general.  The only thing I’m guaranteed that I will never write about is where I work, good or bad.  That’s just a line that should never be crossed.

Welcome to my little piece of the blogosphere (ugh.  I hate that term – can’t believe I just used it).  Hopefully I’ll provide some entertainment, insight and enjoyment.




4 responses

29 08 2007
Shaula Evans

Dave, I landed here via your comment on Scoble’s blog.

If your comment was representative of how you think and write…well, I don’t care what you write /about/, I’ll be back. I’m a fan of clear thinking and good writing.

You’re off to a good start. Best wishes on your blog.

30 08 2007

Welcome Shaula! Thanks for stopping by.

This is still an experiment, so hopefully it will grow into something successful. I’ve got a few ideas brewing inside me (one that came as part of that comment to Scoble), so stay tuned – there should be more on the way.

8 09 2007

Welcome to the club Dave! I of course will invite to come join my blogging forum :D. Seriously though, am glad to see you start blogging and I’ll be checking it out.

11 02 2008

Welcome aboard the mighty galleon glblBlogosphere, Dave! 🙂

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